Unleash the power of data in your organisation

Achieve your goals using insights.

At Data Cubed, we are more than just a team of data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts; we are your strategic partners in leveraging data for meaningful impact. Our multidisciplinary expertise ensures that we not only focus on advanced analytics but also prioritise data security and fundamentals as the backbone of your data initiatives.

Our four-stage approach is organised into two core phases. Each phase is designed to offer you actionable, tailored solutions that align with both your business goals and good practices in data security and management.

To provide further direction and insight, our services are complemented by our Data Maturity Score and report, which serves as a benchmark and roadmap for your data-driven strategies.

What we offer

Discovery + Design

From the outset, we’re technology-agnostic and security-conscious, ensuring the best solutions that meet GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy requirements for your unique needs.

We begin our partnership with an in-depth analysis of your existing data landscape and business objectives. Our team of data engineers, scientists, and analysts then crafts a comprehensive roadmap and implementation strategy that incorporates data security fundamentals.

This phase lays the foundation for targeted, secure, and actionable data solutions in Phase 2.

Stage 1: Initial assessment

  • Business requirements exploration: Tailored solutions aligned with your organisation’s needs and regulatory compliance.
  • Data source identification: Rigorous evaluation of the origin, reliability, and security of your data.

Stage 2: Data roadmapping

  • Art of the possible: Demonstrating the transformative power of securely-managed data.
  • Implementation planning: A robust plan that includes strategies for culture change and data governance.

Build and support

In this phase, we take the vision and plans from Phase 1 and turn them into reality.

With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and the highest standards of data governance, we build tailored, secure solutions.

Our relationship with you goes beyond mere construction. We offer ongoing, targeted support, whether through a proactive plan for enhancements and future security requirements or reactive, on-demand assistance.

We aim to keep your data not only connected but also secure, relevant, and actionable, empowering faster, more informed decisions.

Solution building

Technology-agnostic, security-focused data solutions

We impartially select from modern toolsets to ensure seamless, secure data integration.

Component architecture

Designed for future scalability and security, adaptable to your evolving needs.

Ongoing support

Proactive and reactive support

We stand by you, whether for on-demand troubleshooting or planned enhancements and security updates.

Data Maturity Score and report

We offer a standalone Data Maturity Score and report that provides:

  • An assessment of your organisation’s current data capabilities, including security and compliance.
  • Targeted recommendations for data governance, technology adoption and organisational culture.
  • A roadmap to align your data strategy with your business goals and security requirements.

Ready to transform your data into actionable insights?