From data to decisions

Transforming your raw data into actionable insights, end-to-end.


We value the happiness of our employees, knowing it drives client satisfaction. We seek smart, proactive problem-solvers who enjoy innovation. Our diverse team values all ideas and rejects mediocrity.

Our mission is to innovate and challenge the status quo, foster a compassionate and kind work culture, and make work both rewarding and satisfying.

Our vision

Data-driven change, human-centred impact.

Our mission

Data Cubed offers more than data solutions. We break down silos, correct inaccuracies, and empower your staff. We’re committed to shared success.

Our values

Our commitment to sustainability

We’re deeply committed to building a more sustainable future, so we’re not just talking about it; we’re doing something about it. We’re on the path to becoming a certified B-Corp, ensuring we balance purpose with profit. Additionally, we’ve partnered with CarbonInvoice to actively offset our carbon emissions. We’re taking meaningful steps today to be a positive force for tomorrow.

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

While we may be in the startup phase, we’re committed to building an inclusive, welcoming work environment from day one. We’re not just celebrating neurodiversity; we’ve made it official by signing the Neurodiversity Manifesto. Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We’re also in the process of earning our Hidden Disabilities membership and Rainbow Tick accreditation to ensure our workplace is as inclusive as possible.

Beyond these accreditations, we actively focus on mental health and well-being, recognising that our people are our most valuable asset. Our efforts in this area are more than just tick-box exercises; they’re part of our dedication to creating a culture that recognises the unique strengths that come from our differences.

Our team


Christian navigates chaos with the wisdom of experience and the fresh perspective of a child’s curiosity. Fueled by four cups of coffee, he’s a straight-talker ready to press the big red button. He brings youthful energy and seasoned insights to tackle complex problems head-on.


Caitlin, BA/Digital Doer and Chief Cat Herder, keeps everything running smoothly with a keen eye for potential issues. Leveraging her psychology background, she ensures team harmony while crafting excellent content. She has a love-hate relationship with spin class but still shows dedication by attending.


Direct, results-orientated, super organised & the founder of DATA³… yep, she’s that annoying. You’ll find Hels asking the tricky questions, simplifying everything down to a page, keeping everyone on track, and getting excited about data opportunities. Her latest toy is a paddleboard.


Ali LOVES a good list, likes to work with detail, prefers order to chaos and is passionate about supporting our fabulous team at every step of the customer journey. So, it makes sense she gets involved in everything operations-related from HR, to payroll, to finance, to employee benefits, to buying the office treats and helping organise the many team events. She’s awesome!


Over the last 8 years, Andy has been an absolute game-changer for NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, transforming the lives of thousands of high-impact entrepreneurs, and is now our incredible Operations Director. On his days off, Andy enjoys road-tripping with his loved ones – wistfully pondering life as a Top Gear presenter…


This is Anwesha, our brilliant Senior Data Engineer with a flair for creativity! Not only does she effortlessly transform data, but she also enjoys painting and singing in her free time. Always striving for perfection, she’s passionate about learning and achieving new things. Enthusiastic, confident and reliable are three words that always come to mind when describing Anwesha!


Dan is the ultimate problem-solving all-rounder and data engineer! He’s got an impressive background in both engineering and commerce, making him a valuable asset to our diverse team. But that’s not all – Dan’s love for tinkering extends beyond the office. In his spare time, he’s a true builder at heart; taking on projects that range from product modifications to expertly tweaking cars.


With his super quiet demeanor, Edd just gets shit done. He writes code, he sets up API connections, he creates dashboards…and he probably does lots of other stuff too that he doesn’t tell us about. Outside of work hours, Edd is probably at the pub watching sports with his mates.


Meet our Junior PowerBI Developer Ellie. She may be a bit of an old lady at heart with a knitting Instagram account and 2 kittens, but she is as techy as they come. She combines her love for maths and passion for art in everything she does – the girl’s got skills. She’s not half bad at poker too!


Always smiling, Helen is your go-to Head of Marketing who will bring enthusiasm and energy to any team. She has a never-ending list of business, marketing and data ideas to share. And, even when there’s bad news, she’ll deliver it with a great bedside manner. Out of the office, Helen is a proud parent to two wonderful children.


Jacek is our Client Director at Data Cubed Central Europe. With a decade of consulting experience under his belt and an impressive ability to apply commercial sense and technical expertise to projects worth £300m+, he is a man in demand! Out of work, he is spending time with family and friends, trying out new culinary delights and watching sci-fi movies – what more could you ask for?

James P

A seasoned tech team leader with an impressive 10-year track record of developing and delivering innovative data products and services. When he’s not masterminding innovation at work, he turns into a doting dad, culinary adventurer and an unstoppable fitness enthusiast.


Joe is a bright and skilled Data Consultant with 3.5 years of invaluable expertise. He’s got a talent for connecting with clients and transforming their data into impressive results. Beyond the world of all things data, he’s always happy to share his excitement and love for rugby and F1. He also loves a holiday and has a contagious laugh that is guaranteed to brighten up your day.


Even Mark’s friends describe him as unconventional. With a dazzling display of imagery, colour and icons, Mark uses his data visualisation and analysis skills to deliver insightful business intelligence for our clients. Mark used to be a professional poker player…and poker analyst – so don’t bet against him.


Natasha is our Digital Marketing Apprentice! A lover of everything visual thanks to her background in photography, Natasha brings a creative spark to every social media design she works on. When she’s not busy crafting eye-catching graphics, you might catch her at a music gig with her friends or getting lost in the latest movie at the cinema.


Nick is our Product and Partnerships Director, leading our thinking on how we can best serve our amazing clients and bring innovative ideas to the world. Having worked in all things big and small, he has plenty of insights to share. Out of work, when not playing taxi driver to his children, he can be found bracing himself against the great British weather up in a mountain or down in a valley. 


Sam is our UK Managing Director. He helps ensure that all of our clients leave with smiles on their faces. A seasoned data consultant, he has experience managing million-pound projects and is able to unlock significant cost and time savings. In his free time, Sam loves to do all things sport and hang out with his 4-year-old daughter.


Python, SQL, R, Java, Tableau, Power BI…all easy for Sharath and he’s fresh from a Masters in Business Analytics to boot. Not only learning his trade as an analyst at Accenture, Sharath won the CMT APEX Award in 2020 which sounds amazing.


Szymon Szyszko is our enigmatic Managing Director for Data Cubed Central Europe. Behind that inscrutable expression lies a master of data, having delivered 25+ projects to success in just 2.5 years here. Outside of data, Szymon has a skill for flying (!) and enjoying time with his guitar, not necessarily at the same time. A true blend of precision and passion.


Phil loves money and golf. Which is just as well as he’s overseeing the DATA3 financials as our part-time (and unpaid) CFO. You’ll find him checking we’ve been paid, tracking costs, and monitoring the P&L. Oh, and he’s also Hels’ Dad so he can never leave.