Copy data from Rest API to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 using Azure Data Factory

Welcome to the first series of our guest-bloggers at Data³, where we showcase quick, detailed and useful guidance on practicalities of data aggregation and integration. Catch-up on technical details of moving data when using Azure Data Factories, Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Event Hub. Dhilip, is an experienced data professional in Wellington, New Zealand. He has a driving data passion for Machine Learning, Data […]


This blog is written by Christian Redgewell. This is the most common question I have received in my career and one that is always a difficult answer to tackle. I then have questions flying around such as: Who is asking? What is their level of IT understanding? Do they really want to know or are […]


This article is written by Matt Dent, BI Consultant at Data3 Data viewers, stakeholders, decision makers. They are a diverse bunch with differing needs, wants and desires. There is something they all have in common though; a desire to be able to make the best decisions for their business or for the issue they have. […]


This article is written by Matt Dent, BI Consultant at Data3 AN 8-STEP BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS JOURNEY, OR IS IT A NEVER-ENDING CYCLE? Dashboarding is not Business Intelligence (BI). Nor is reporting. BI is not creating a propensity model, nor is it creating a customer segmentation. BI is all about value, delivering actionable insight; […]


We speak to business leaders everyday about their data challenges and data opportunities. They’re all struggling with exactly the same thing – disconnected data that is siloed across their organisations, meaning that it’s really tricky to get answers to simple business questions like these… How many customers do we have? Well, what do you mean […]

The Biggest Business Opportunity?

The world of business has completely changed, and if you want to survive, you NEED to harness the one business asset that is everyone has forgotten about – let me explain… Even just a year ago, the options to understand how your business was performing were pretty bad… You could pop over to someone’s desk […]

Dashboard Design – Five Key Techniques

Written by Matt Dent, BI Consultant at Data3 For context, this blog was written off the back of a conference talk at the annual Chartered Institute of Fundraising by myself and the fantastic Matthew Williams from Lloyds Banking group. The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for UK fundraising. I’m going to […]

How do you demonstrate ROI for data projects?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’ve got a great data idea. It’s all mapped out. You know what needs to be done. Everyone’s excited. You’re ready to get started. And then…you need to get the business case approved and budget signed off…sigh. So how can you demonstrate that your project is worth investing in? […]

Top tips to secure your business data in the cloud

This article is written by Tristan Dibbens, CTO at Data3. Cyber security is an area of computing that has seen a huge growth in recent years, and for good reason. Systems become more complex, and more information becomes increasingly more important. So then does the desire and intent to leverage this by those bad actors that […]

EVERY business has the same problem – disparate, disconnected data

There is a universal problem that impacts ALL businesses… • ALL businesses have disparate, disconnected data • ALL businesses use third party platforms e.g. Google Analytics, MailChimp & more • ALL businesses struggle to make sense of data and don’t have a single source of truth As they lack a single source of truth, many […]